Massage FAQ's

An initial session usually takes a minimum of 1.5 to 2 hours as this session will include case history taking and an initial assessment prior to starting your personalised treatment.

Subsequent treatments can range between 1.5 hours to 2.5 hours. The length of the session mentioned is an average treatment length our current clients prefers however your therapist will discuss this with you to ensure the treatment length is convenient to you.

During your treatment, our therapist will request that you disrobe down to your underwear. You will be draped well during your treatment with the only part exposed being the area treated at the time.
Please note while we will take all care to avoid getting massage oil on your garment, we can't guarantee that it will be oil-free.

There are certain conditions that will prevent us to treat you. They are:
• Nausea
• Cancer - only with doctor or professional health advice
• After recent surgery, whiplash or other serious injury (wait up to 3 months post injury/surgery)
• Fever or high temperature
• Cold or flu - massage can make it worse in the short term
• After recent alcohol intake - preferably no alcohol 24 hours or at least 12 hours prior to your massage treatment. In the case of heavy alcohol intake, please allow 48 hours to lapse before your next treatment.
• Skin conditions such as eczema, burns or sores, allergy, etc. must be notified to us at time of booking.

What To Expect During Your Therapeutic Massage

First visit:
Foot Spa with foot reflexology while completing your Medical History Form, a brief explanation of Massage Techniques before your full Therapeutic Massage Treatment including aromatherapy.
Next and subsequent visits: Foot spa with foot reflexology before your full Therapeutic Massage Treatment including aromatherapy. 

Massage at Your Home
Prior to your appointment time, please remove any jewellery and/or hair accessories. When we are treating you in your own home, we would like to recommend the following points: Please choose an area where you can be completely relaxed and not disturbed by other household noises such as the television, radio and telephone. Choose an area where you can at least partially curtain off to limit the amount of light coming in the room (if the appointment is during daylight). As the limbs can chill very easily, it's important to also choose an area where it is at a constant temperature that is comfortable to you. Or if you prefer to be outside, an area where you will be sheltered from the elements such as direct sun, wind and rain. And not disturbed by bugs and insects. If you would like to take a shower or bath, we would recommend that you take a warm shower or bath prior to your massage. We are self sufficient and will have all the equipments and accessories needed to make your experience as enjoyable and as relaxed as possible. Fresh towels for each client will be provided however if you prefer to use your own towels, please prepare 4 (four) towels that are medium to large size (i.e. bath sheets, beach towels). The larger the towel, the better coverage it provides.

After Your Massage
Raynor Massage encourage detoxification in your body. We would recommend that you refrain from drinking alcohol, soft drinks, tea and coffee for at least 12 hours immediately after your treatment, or if possible for 24 hours immediately after your treatment. For best result, increase your water intake to aid the detoxification process during this period. Filtered cool water (not chilled) will be best. Keep yourself warm for a few hours immediately after your treatment. Tingling feeling on any part of your body that was treated is normal. Tingling will dissipate on its own and is no cause for concern. This means it is a good sign that you have your energy back into place and your body will function normally, which was previously stagnant is now moving as it should be.  If agreeable by you, your therapist can contact you 3 (three) days after your treatment to follow up on your condition but he/she will discuss this with you after your treatment. This is also a great opportunity for you to pass on any feedback regardless of the nature of the feedback. Alternatively, feel free to send an update on your condition via email after receiving your massage and also any feedback to, or We always strive to improve our services for your satisfaction.

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